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Native Pet

Omega Oil

Omega Oil

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For that healthy shine, allll the time. Our Omega Oil is a vet-formulated, targeted topper packed with Omega-3 fatty acids that promote a healthy skin and coat, joint health, and mobility. Crafted with Alaskan wild-caught salmon and pollock, one pump of this delicious dinner time addition can make even the pickiest of pups gobble up their food. • Formulated to promote skin, coat, & joint health

• Made with just 5 ingredients (that’s it!) •

 No Fillers, No Fluff: Native Pet never uses fillers or additives, just the good stuff

• Made with Real Salmon and Pollock: This Omega Oil offers multiple sources of Omega 3’s to give your dog all the best benefits. In addition to wild-caught salmon and pollock, we also added plant-based wheat germ oil to complete the fatty acid profile

• Premium, Easy-to-Use Packaging

• Backed by Vets: Formulated by veterinarians and vet nutritionists

• Perfect for all-aged dogs

• Absolutely no soy, dairy or gluten Note: Our Omega Oil is always shipped separately.

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