Why you need a bling browband

Why you should add a bling browband to your bridle

Let us share with you the benefits of adding a Bling Browband to your bridle. Read em and reap! 

1. Adding Sparkle

Swap out that plain traditional browband for a bit of sparkle. Now we understand that not all show rules allow bling browbands in the ring but no one ever said you couldn’t add a little bling to your schooling bridle…

2. Comfort

All of our browbands come with padding so your horse can enjoys extra comfort.

3. Many different shapes to choose from

We offer a variety of shape browbands to choose from. From a simple straight browband, wave, curve or the most popular v  style.

4. Rhinestone colors are endless!

When designing your own bling browband you have endless possibilities for rhinestone colors. From your basic red, green and, blue to even color changing crystals. Create a one of a kind or a matching browband for your show tack.

Comfortable, flashy, and CUTE for almost ALL equestrians. What more could we need?!

Still deciding how you feel? Check out our Blazzing Bridles Reviews and see for yourself!!

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