BH product Brand Ambassadors

Burch Hill Tack, LLC 2024 Brand Ambassador Guidelines & Submission Form

At this time we are only looking for western riders.

We plan to release an English line soon and at that time we will take English rider applicants. 

A Brand Ambassador’s purpose;

To promote and represent Burch Hill Tack's "BH" products. We have a growing tack brand of "BH" products offered in our store and new " BH" products being listed monthly.

What we expect from Ambassadors;

Brand Ambassadors agree to let Burch Hill Tack, LLC use any Ambassador-produced content including but not limited to testimonials, photos, and videos in any product promotion, event promotion, or digital and print advertising. 

Brand Ambassadors agree to provide Burch Hill Tack with no less than two pieces of content a month, including but not limited to photos, testimonials, and/or videos related to its products and brand.  


The perks of being a Brand Ambassador 

This is a chance for avid equestrians to be a part of a growing, trusted brand and to share this brand within their networks. 

Brand Ambassadors will:

  • Receive $15.00 off your first order of BH products. 
  • Be the first to hear about new BH products
  • Receive an exclusive 20% off BH products Ambassador Coupon to share. Allowing for discounts including promotional offers. 


Who We Are Looking For?

At Burch Hill Tack, LLC, we strongly believe that our Brand Ambassadors should be our past clients. They are the ones who have used our products and know them inside out. Our Brand Ambassadors are dedicated equestrians from all disciplines who are committed to upholding the values of quality equestrian tack. They understand the importance of community involvement and are driven by a passion to make a difference. Our Brand Ambassadors include individuals, teams and barns who are loyal customers of Burch Hill Tack, LLC.


Burch Hill Tack expects Brand Ambassadors to uphold the values of the brand which include:

  • Engaging in a positive, kind, and respectful manner in person and on all social media channels
  • Must be following Burch Hill Tack on social media channels (Facebook, instagram& tik tok etc.)
  • Dedication to proper horsemanship
  • Dedication to the proper care and treatment of their animals and fellow equestrians


Burch Hill Tack, LLC has the right to revoke brand ambassadors at any time if any situations come up to our knowledge that break our brand expectation protocol.


How to Apply:

Copy the following questions and email with the answers to

In the email subject line; Brand Ambassador Application

1. Full Name

2. State you reside in. Canadian applicants welcome. 

3. Social media Handles

**MUST be following us on social media**

4. Introduce yourself. Tell me a little bit about the horses you own, ride& what you do in the horse world.

5. Are you a past customer ? If so, what have you purchased in the past?

6. Tell us what you love about our store and why you want to become a Burch Hill Tack brand ambassador.

7. Do you have any other sponsorships or brand ambassadorships with other businesses?

8. Tell us what you can offer us as a brand ambassador. 

Include some pictures.